15 May 2015

come wind or weather

across the silences these words are true
that answer sorrow with a worthy smile
but will not pause to soften nor revile
your efforts nor the feelings that are due
this passing day what is it we review
among the many sights that might beguile
each voyager who reaches this last mile
is that the known provides us with a clue
some would be said to answer that the day
is not sufficient for all that we need
but we must struggle onwards into night
actors and viewers of the self-same play
not certain if our desperation’s greed

but ever hopeful we can get things right

30 March 2015

the guilty party

too many answers come down to the same
non-explanation of the simple fact
we are the ones who always bear the blame

for all the anger we have one hard name
clear and precise both noble and exact
too many answers come down to the same

wave of exhaustion so that we must claim
not what we earned but all the goods we lacked
we are the ones who always bear the blame

for what was lost and for the constant shame
that was included in the lost compact
too many answers come down to the same

inauguration of the truth of fame
which we can neither add to nor detract
we are the ones who always bear the the blame

for those who come when we call the right name
but have no thought of what it means to act
too many answers come down to the same

we are the ones who always bear the blame

23 March 2015

no winners at the end

to speak of valour is no great mistake
when each of us confronts the howling gale
those who are ready when the sandbags fail
know what is meant when city turns to lake
each of them is that moment wide awake
while in their corners all the cowards quail
left with no benefit save their own stale      
as even stoutest bodies bend and shake
words that are spoken in the autumn sun
lose all their purchase during winter's turn
but are the currency of many schools
repenting of their choices no one's done
before they see their youthful wishes burn

and know themselves for ordinary fools

24 January 2015

crossing rivers

where crossing rivers can be made to count
against the value of all we hold dear
in spite of all that’s known at the frontier
where hope and learning are held paramount
no one would wait on those who’d dare remount
for the long journey of the pioneer
made by the awkward and the most sincere
who have their truths to keep and to recount
no voyage matters this at last we learn
except to those who never need the map
the ones excepted from each changing trend
those are the masters who will always yearn
to hear our answer yet not give a rap

since all must come out equal in the end

12 January 2015

dessalines at vertières

our meanings come from choices handed down
by those who built the towers and raised the sky
the folk who farmed the fields and filled the town
who'd made the horrid trip and did not die
their long hope was back to lost home to fly
but all the horrors made their footsteps slow
while home was lost in the far eastern glow
they had their duties and their constant care
and all the many pains we cannot know
all changed with dessalines at vertières

so much depends upon a simple frown
a gesture or a winking of the eye
to  make disaster or to grant renown
turn all our wishes into one great lie
or  send us each to the last great good-bye
by means of one most massive mortal blow
that bursts the normal cheery human flow
and sends us hurtling to the upper air
until that moment all had seemed too slow
all changed with dessalines at vertières

the human is a move from verb to noun
a chance to prove that we can best rely
upon the one who could not play the clown
but was the stalwart soul who did not cry
under the lash but rather chose to fly
with the fresh dawn and the new morning glow
the day of history when all would know
just what we were and how much we would dare
to do when we came up from down below
all changed with dessalines at vertières

prince you have heard your men were far too slow
to face our wrath and take the angry blow
that meant our freedom in the open air
do not be angry for you could not know
the outcome would be more than a tableau

all changed with dessalines at vertières

01 January 2015

clearer paradigm

no evidence the world is bent in shape
a bluish globe with wooly white of cloud
the mountains form a contrast sharp and proud
against the sea we note the golden cape
while in the sky dark birds seem to escape
the planetary force while winds are loud
above the foam and yet we are uncowed
though eyes are open and all mouths agape
there is a reason we have reached this place
and taken stock at the appropriate time
for our authority to be compelled
into new channels and a different space
with better thought and clearer paradigm

now that the party’s over and trial’s held

20 December 2014

Student Bloopers Fall 2014

Aristotle (born circa 384 B.C. in Stagira) was considered to be an ancient Greek philosopher.

Socrates way of thinking was all about the analysis of such, such as; asking questions and making challenges in which, this gave Plato the path on that way of thinking.

Aristotle teaches with a realization of humans being trapped in a duel dimension: both rational and social animals.

Plato accepted his philosophy and elegance of debate, and focused his studies toward the question of virtue and the formation of a noble character.

His way of thinking was much like one of his teachers, Socrates which included an analysis way to look at things such as; asking questions and making challenges, in which, this gave Plato the path on that way of thinking.

Plato and Aristotle have both left large paths in their theories which leave them open to disapproval.

Aristotle spent more time deigning the different typed of state & which is the perfect were Eurocentric Plato starts from an ideal stand point and an ideal state of mind, he classifies the actual states.

It was believed that he disliked philosophers and that in order to maintain some kind of instruction from the law the people should be punish if broken.

A king’s option may not always be the best sometimes being for the worst. This shows fairness to the citizens so they would have an option for their punishment when breaking the law.

 For America to be ruled in monarchy there would be a huge problem with losing conis and receiving the truth.

The separation thus creates what is known as a secular state. Which means that state is considered neutral and does not support neither religion or irreligion.

Torencle of any religion prevented, the religion of the state from enslaving or forcing conversion on smaller religious groups.

Also wanting equality given to all sexes and being one of the first gender warriors.

Christine de Pizan fought for women’s rights and one of the few women during her time that was taught and able to write during her time period where she specifically began to write about women and their rights giving them a place where they would be okay from the attacks given from men who thought that they were more inferior than women.

She did believer that there where those women in the world giving women a bad name calling them the name “whores” this is where she explained this in some of her books and stories, but yet women still have noble bearing in the world hoping that men actually sculpt the actual illusion of a perfect female by teaching those people who thinks that certain female flaws can’t be erased and she lived wishing to tell her history.

The woman has one use for nature and has a function of having a procreative side.

According to Marsilius, the papal power would object his claims to giving the  people civil power because it would limit their quest for temporal riches, cause confusion of temporal and spiritual things, and their own malicious envy.

He proposed that many officials were little versed in scared Scripture and only obtained their positions through bribery, physical violence, servility, or importunity.

Plato was not perfect on the concept of women, but he showed remorse and reasoning towards the subject.

The Pope believed that as the Supreme Being his authority was necessary before anyone assumed the role of emperor.

According to many texts sourcing back to ancient Greek societal life, women had very little prominence outside of childbirth and sexual intercourse.

The man marries a woman so that she can manage his family, clean his house, has his best interest at heart, bares his children and takes care of their education to preserve his name.

He thought of Hobbes arguments of the state of nature to be observe, and insensible to the way that the human mind works.

He further explains his theory by breaking down the theories of other accepted political thoughts.

The information is informative, up to date, and reliable.

My high school was in an influential neighborhood and many students across the United States aren’t afforded these same opportunities.

Religion may toy with political figures decisions to want to eradicate or initiate legislation.

Tax payers are at ends wit when it comes to the price that capital punishment comes with.

Jones places an emphasis on servitude to the community of the researcher as greater than remaining neutral.

Constituents really control the expectancy term of their official.

Capital punishment has had an innumerous effect on different states throughout the country.

In conclusion, I came up with a solution by fully gravitating what makes a political question.

Mack Jones believes that advocating for the community is more suffice.

I do agree with Jones when he refers to the community as the “organic.”

In research often times it is acceptable to have a bias, and sometimes it is not.

Although it is somewhat contradictory, that what thy id in their time; owned slaves.

While at work one day at X Elementary school I had a discussion with a teacher and she had very should opinions about Bush’s education policy No Child Left Behind.

Scholarly articles are also comprised of abstract.

Good is defined as, being positive or desirable in nature of the free dictionary.

Freedom is founded by our founding fathers of the United States, and what they consider freedom, is not always consensual.

The law grants us freedom, in return a happy life, which would consider us as morally good.

He believed that humans are naturally free and equal amongst each other.

Freedom brings forth greed, which is why bad people will find a way around the laws.

Good is defined as, being positive or desirable in nature of the free dictionary.

Adam Smith toke an economist approach to establishing government.

Although this is one of the American values we are instilled with during adolescents, many have debated for years that religious groups have too much influence in politics and this especially pertains to Georgia because the size of faith communities in Georgia have been known be large in quantity and influence.

Social questions focus more in issues that does not identify a cause and an effect.

Constituents really control the expectancy term of their official.

In conclusion, I came up with a solution by fully gravitating what makes a political question.

Mack Jones believes that advocating for the community is more suffice. He secluded the community to the black community in his excerpt, “Responsibility of Black Political Scientists to the Black Community.”

Although there are black people who take heed to their academics it should not infer that they are the oppressors.